What is the best online payment system in Asia and Europe for Forex and casino?


What is an online payment system?

An online-payment system is a set of technical infrastructures, procedural operations, rules of functioning for financial transfer. Simply speaking, it allows you to make payments and transfer money on the Internet, as an alternative to cash payments. It can be used for domestic and international payments. Its peculiarity is that the user, when transferring money to someone, borrows them to the system (from a legal point of view). So, at the moment of transfer, the online payment system takes money from one subject and must give it to the other one.
Such systems have become an integral part of e-commerce as they allow the buyer to carry out payments in a few clicks. And the seller, in turn, can get money for the goods in a matter of seconds.

Online payment service STICPAY

STICPAY is an international electronic wallet that allows you to transfer money over different accounts, pay for goods on the Internet, receive payments, withdraw gambling payments, carry out local transfers (domestic bank), to name but a few. By having an account on STICPAY, you can receive money and pay in different currencies. Our service is used as:


  • Electronic wallet;
  • Online payment gateway for business (for websites, online stores, online casinos, etc.);
  • Payment system for forex brokers;
  • Provider for the cryptocurrency transfers.

You can conduct financial transactions with your STICPAY account for almost any amount of money. Receiving payments from online casinos, paying for purchases, withdrawing money from ATMs, replenishing your account, conducting transactions with cryptocurrency - all these can be done without any issues. Also, we have some profitable cooperation offers for business.

Payment gateway for betting

Our advantage over a range of other services is that we work with businesses from so-called risk groups. Including online casinos (poker, bingo, lotto), bets.
STICPAY offers a gaming payment gateway for your casino that lets you safely receive payments on debit and credit Visa and MasterCard cards. Each transaction runs smoothly in less than a minute and all personal data is securely encrypted. Our STICPAY gateway complies with the international PCI DSS data security standard so that no information leak is possible.
Online gateway STICPAY is also designed to connect the casino website with its users:

  • The users see it as a payment page with text fields to insert bank details;
  • Once the user has inserted the data, we send it encrypted to the payment processor;
  • If the information received is approved, the order is taken into operation;
  • The payment is carried out in a few seconds;
  • If there are insufficient funds in the account or any bank restrictions, STICPAY cancels the transaction.

We guarantee that the payment page will look respectable and customers will be able to settle accounts with ease - we provide a reliable bridge between the seller and the buyer. We have a system of fraud monitoring, risk assessment, geolocation tracking, so your funds are completely safe with our gateway.

E-wallet for gambling payments

In many countries, bank cardholders are having problems withdrawing their winnings in online games - lotto, bingo, poker, betting and so on. Sometimes banks block such payments for different reasons, so it makes sense to use an alternative - online system STICPAY for gaming payments.
You can get your money safely and quickly, wherever you are in the world. You can also use our electronic wallet to replenish your balance (deposit) for online poker, bingo, lotto games or for betting at betting companies. If you want to be sure about the safety of financial transactions when paying with the casino, it is enough to have an account in our payment system and conduct all transactions through it.

Global poker payment methods

Experienced players know that in many poker rooms one can withdraw money only in the same way the deposit was made. Therefore, when registering an account for playing poker online, you will need to choose a deposit payment method in advance - our online system STICPAY, that will help you to receive winnings in the future without restrictions and blocking. Even if you have Visa or MasterCard, we still recommend using an e-wallet - poker fans often complain that it is possible to make a deposit through such cards, while withdrawing money might be problematic. Think about the future and play it safe - sign up for STICPAY. Transaction security is guaranteed.

Bingo payment service

In order to play online bingo, you need to buy cards. Therefore, choosing a payment system on a casino website, check out which systems are possible to make deposits with, buy cards to play bingo, withdraw winnings and jackpots. When choosing a digital wallet, casinos recommend to pay attention to the following criteria:

  • Safety;
  • Ease of use;
  • If it is suitable for most online casinos;
  • Accessibility.

STICPAY meets these requirements - our payment gateway system can be used by both players (for withdrawals and deposits) and website owners.
It is worth mentioning that the representatives of bingo-rooms themselves recommend online payment systems. Since this method allows players not to provide bank details directly to the rooms (as in the case of card payments).

Lotto payments online

Experienced lottery lovers also prefer buying tickets and betting through online payment systems. With STICPAY you can do it anywhere - Italian SuperEnalotto, Spanish Christmas lottery or any other. Our provider will be the bridge between you and the online lottery, so you do not need to enter personal information and bank details on the website. Payout speed and complete privacy are the reasons why experienced players choose electronic wallets.

What is the best online payment system in Asia and Europe for Forex and casino?

STICPAY is a payment gateway which can be used by individuals for receiving money from online casinos and making deposits. It can also be used by businesspeople to receive payments on their websites and exchange money (FOREX). Our payment provider can be used anywhere - in the UK, Cyprus and other European countries, in Japan and throughout South and East Asia. Secure transactions with encrypted data pass in seconds, wherever the payer and the payee are. So, just like other payment systems (PayPal, Neteller, Skrill etc.), we meet the modern requirements: the speed of transactions, confidentiality, data security.